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update ; 11/27/11

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update ; 11/27/11

Post by Mattjeter on Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:01 am

Well Guys my life is great and what not . but some of you may no my mom might not be able to work again .
When i was in 3rd grade , My mom was rushed to the hospital . She WAS pre-k teacher . Refilling one of the jugs of water after work , her Name Tag got caught in the door knob and the door closed and pulled her neck back but rember she had the big ass water jug in her and she fell back and broke her back and neck . In terrible pain , she layed on the floor crying and screaming , my lil sister who was 4 was with cuz she went to that Prek school . Someone heard her and called an ambulance and she was rushed to the hospital . My aunt came to get me that day and i just knew something was wrong . i kinda thought someone had passed . but when i heard what i kinda felt a lil sense of relief but then i didnt . Anyways its been 5 years , she hasnt worked but God Has provided , she has had 18 surgries since then . This permenant broken back wouldnt be that way , but the first doctor totally screwed it up and now were here , and my mom will have a broken back and neck for the rest of er life . She is not completely parallized but she can not doing many things , walking up stairs and down without someone there , picking up things , bending down , and those sort of things . A month ago , my mom fell down the stairs , my dad who workouts like crazy came and a picked her up after she fell on her front , again she was screaming and crying . This Complicated things and now she is scared of walking the stairs without anyone there . Now she is going to another surgery and this a definite climax , it can either help her go bak to work or keep her home for the rest of her life .

wow so you guys got my moms story from an update . Haha Anyways On me : I got a ps3 i need to setup though and im getting mw3 today at gamestop . So i could use psns . wow idont feel like writing anymore . Anyways bye guys . Please Rember to pray for my mom as she goes into her 19th surgery .
im gonna spam ^_^
im gonna spam ^_^

Your REAL name. : matthew
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Re: update ; 11/27/11

Post by [1O7]xUnLimitedNukex on Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:54 pm

Sorry To Hear That
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im so active
im so active

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